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Sigma Group a.s. in the new holding follows famous tradition of pump production in the region of the central Moravia. This tradition goes back to 1868 when the founder of the company Ludvík Sigmund initiated production of wooden pedestal pumps in the village of Lutín close to the town of Olomouc. This place is also linked with the well-known trademark Sigma

Ochranná známka Sigma

and the brand image of Neptune Trident symbolizing element of water.


These symbols were registered as trademarks already in 1922. The parent company in the village of Lutín has gradually developed into the biggest company producing pumps in the country and today it forms the core of the new holding.

Marketing connection of the trademark SIGMA and the brand image of Neptune Trident has resulted in the combined trademark protected in all EU countries.

Kombinovaná ochranná známka

Sigma Group a.s. works on experience from long-time tradition, qualification and reliability. It takes care of lasting high branded quality and it holds a quality certificate in compliance with the norm EN ISO 9001:2008. It is a member of the association of European pump producers Europumps.

Today it focuses on research, development and production of middle, heavy and unique pumps and pump sets for industrial and energetics use.