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Sigma Slovakia

The Sigma pumps work reliably for our customers:


  • Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.
  • U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
  • Duslo Šaľa, a.s.
  • Hornonitrianske bane a.s., Prievidza
  • Slovnaft, a.s.
  • Tepláreň Košice a.s.
  • Bratislavská teplárenská, a.s.
  • Žilinská teplárenská, a.s.
  • Zvolenská teplárenská, a.s.
  • Martinská teplárenská, a.s.
  • Mondi, a.s., Ružomberok
  • Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik š.p.
  • Slovalco, a.s., Žiar nad Hronom
  • Johns Manville, a.s. Trnava
  • thermal power companies
  • hydroelectric power companies
  • and many others

    The main areas where the industrial pumps are used:

  • energetics
  • irrigating and drainage systems
  • water systems of industrial companies
  • sludge management
  • mines
  • petrochemistry

  • If you have any remarks or you are satisfied with our services, we will welcome your comments sent by e-mail to or by fax to 048 / 472 3636.

    At your request we can send you an overview of particular references from recent period of time.