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Sigma Slovakia is ready to provide complete technical and business solutions for the supply of the industrial pumps. We are ready to provide not only one-unit industrial pump deliveries but also complex turn-key deliveries of the systems of pumping stations designed to fit the needs of the customer in various industries.

Our company has implemented the system of quality management according to the norm STN ISO 9001:2008 aiming at achieving continuous growth of the organization and to ensure continuous improvement of quality of supplied services within the whole chain of processes supporting realization of business and consulting activities in the field of pumping technologies in line with requirements of the effective legislation, technical norms and customers' expectations.

We provide the supplies of:

  • Industrial pumps produced by Sigma Group a.s.
  • Industrial pumps produced by Sigma Pumpy Hranice s.r.o.
  • Small industrial and consumer pumps produced by Sigma 1868 s.r.o. and Sigma Pumpy Hranice s.r.o.
  • We carry out small turn-key investment activities in the area of:

  • Modernization and optimization of the boiler feeding stations
  • Modernization of the pumping stations for water management /main pumping stations, raw water pumping stations, pumping stations for cooling circuits etc./
  • We provide the services:

  • Consulting services in the area of elaboration of the investment plans /technical assistance/
  • Processing of the projects
  • Site erection and supervision to erection at the supplies of the industrial pumps and the training of the operating personnel, repairs and maintenance of the industrial pumps.

    Sigma Slovakia aims to keep the goodwill of the SIGMA brand by complex approach. The company offers deliveries of the pumps as well as realization of small investment activities. When specifying the parameters of the pumps or the completed works, it cooperates with the parent production plants.

    By their open-minded approach, the employees of Sigma Slovakia s.r.o. can guarantee fast specification of technical scope and subsequently business realization too. They are helpful for the customers in the process of creating formal concept of their requests.

    To contact our company, please use following contact numbers:
    The office: tel.: 048 / 472 3600 fax.: 048 / 472 3636

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  • Dear business partner, we would like to ask you to use legal and post address when you contact our company in writing:
    Zvolenská cesta 14
    974 01 Banská Bystrica
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  • Dear customers, let us offer you a part of the range of our products for home and garden. More information at or you can Download the brochure in Slovak language.
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    You can choose appropriate pumps from the production programme of Sigma Group a.s., according to the area of usage or the chosen parameters.